Portable Generator Installation  Auburndale & Winter Haven, FL

Never Get Caught Off Guard

Be prepared all the time with portable generators in Auburndale & Winter Haven, FL

Imagine this: the power goes out on your block. Everyone else in your neighborhood is stuck sitting in the dark. Not you. With one of the portable generators Electric by Ken, Inc. installs, you'll be able to ride out the blackout with all the power you need.

Unlike permanent generators, portable generators run on gasoline instead of propane. You can power them with the same fuel you use to power your lawn mower. The panel box lockout on our generators makes them extra safe.

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We'll complete your generator installation swiftly and accurately, making sure every component is hooked up the way it should be. Having a generator handy is sensible and affordable. It saves you a lot of rummaging around in the dark for flashlights and candles.

You're getting a great deal when you turn to us for your generator. We sell and install systems at lower prices than most generator companies in the area. You'll be glad you chose us.

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