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Keep your home running with electrical repair in Auburndale & Winter Haven, FL

Have you noticed your lights flickering or your walls buzzing? You may need an electrical repair. Electric by Ken, Inc. can get it done for you. We'll make sure your home electrical system is in great condition. No job is too big for us to take on. We'll make sure your home can support your whole family.

Our services include upgrading your electrical wiring and repairing burned or broken electrical outlets. Anytime you encounter a problem with your electricity, let us know. We'll get everything working right again.

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Arrange for an electrical installation at your new home build

Your home isn't move-in ready until you've got a full electrical system set up. Plan your electrical installation with us to make sure that everything gets put in correctly. We can install anything from microwaves to ceiling fans.

We also do a lot of work with your home lighting setup. You can trust us to take care of:

  • Outdoor lighting installation
  • LED lighting installation
  • Green-certified lighting
  • LED-fluorescent conversion
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